Psalm 34:8; Exodus 34:6-7

GCC Fourth Anniversary

Princesses of God Fellowship

Easter Sunday and Baptism 2023

Bowling Fellowship 2023

Our Newest Member and her family

2022 Thanksgiving Sunday with Life Creek Church and Oak Creek First Responder Outreach

Farewell: Prayers, Blessings and Thanks

GCC Bonfire 2022

New Members Welcome and College Send-off

Summer Prayer Warrior Fellowship

LCCM’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Resurrection Sunday 2022

A Time of Prayer and Brunch

Bowling Fellowship

Happy Birthday, Pastor Joshua

Christmas Outreach: Soles for Jesus

Christmas Sunday

Thanksgiving Sunday and Baptism

Thanksgiving Fellowship and Community Outreach

Ladies Lunch and Prayer Fellowship

Sunday Service

Fellowship Time and Birthday Celebrations

LCCM Bonfire hosted by the Staszaks

Lapham Peak Fellowship

Ladies Spring Roll Fellowship

Sherman Open House

College Farewell and Church Picnic